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on September 30, 2022 12 views

This is a Product Case Online Interview with Ms. Poppy Octavia from Madre Indonesia. We’re going to talk about “Madre Achieve 24% Open Rate and Perfectly Manage Pre-Post Event with Email Marketing”.

Also, we’re going to talk about how big an impact of email marketing when it applies to an event promotion.

Madre Indonesia is a Consulting Agency tha focused in Creative and Experiential Event. Experiential event is an event that not only focus on the execution. But also, how Madre giving the best experience you’ll never forget. Such as content and participants engagement.

Madre Indonesia have been partnered with MTARGET for email marketing things since 2019. As a SaaS Company (Email Marketing Service) MTARGET with MTARGET email marketing tools can help Madre to improve Madre on event creation.

Without any further do, let’s go down into this insightful interview.

LinkedIn: https://mtrgt.id/LinkedIn
Instagram: https://mtrgt.id/Instagram
Twitter: mtargetco
Facebook: MTARGET.co

(Video diupload oleh MTarget pada 4 April 2022 melalui https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIVEFcwXRqM)

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