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on September 29, 2022 79 views

Nodeflux is one of the first and largest AI Computer Vision technology developers in Indonesia who has served various clients from B2B and B2G. The co-founders believe that the prototype acceleration has enabled them to deliver real achievement through national deployment to global recognition.

The dynamic duo started the tech development in 2016. At the moment, Nodeflux's Vision-AI solutions have been implemented nationwide in sectors such as Smart Cities, Defense & Security, Traffic Surveillance Management; Asset & Facilities Management; Retail & Wholesale Store Analysis, Advertising, Transportation, and more. Their clients are coming from the government and private sectors.

How do they find the product-market fit for their advanced tech? Check out our whole conversation with the co-founders of Nodeflux, Faris Rahman and Meidy Fitranto in this vodcast episode.
Fun fact: All of their engineers are 100% Indonesians!


Startup Studio Indonesia is an intensive program for early-stage startup founders from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Indonesia.

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Website: https://startupstudio.id
Instagram: https://instagram.com/startupstudio.id
LinkedIn Startup Studio Indonesia: https://www.linkedin.com/company/startupstudioid/
Linkedin Impactto: https://www.linkedin.com/company/impactto/

(Video diupload oleh Startup Studio Indonesia pada 17 Juli 2021 melalui https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HW8ToPzLiU)

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